Medicated abortion

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There is no one method that is better than the other, but it is important to determine with your doctor or midwife which method is possible and will be most suitable for you.
The choice can also be made in a meeting with a trained marriage and family counselor.

This method is possible up to 9 weeks of pregnancy or 7 weeks of amenorrhea.

My expectations and my profile

  • I would prefer to be at home.
  • A relative can accompany me.
  • I live near a health care facility


What is the best method for me?

The choice between the medical method and the aspiration method is yours alone. A health professional (gynecologist, general practitioner, midwife, nurse, marriage counselor, etc.) will be able to help you with your request. Medicated and surgical abortions have different specificities that you will have to evaluate during the medical consultation.